About Us

Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services


Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services (TOPS) is an Arizona non-profit organization founded by Laura Pedersen and Colleen Laszakovits in 2000 to address the unique needs of pregnant and parenting teens. The TOPS Case Managers and Nurses provide healthy pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and fatherhood education and support in a non-judgmental, teen-specific environment. We respect the choices that are available to pregnant young women. We also believe that those who choose to have their babies deserve respect. That’s why we’re here.

TOPS also supports and advocates for comprehensive sexual health education to prevent first and repeat teen pregnancies. We have participated in federal research studies to prevent both primary and secondary teen pregnancy prevention and are very proud of our contribution to this field.

Teen Outreach is not politically or religiously affiliated. We do not believe in manipulation; we believe in respect, support, and education.