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After high school…

After graduating from high school, I pretty much dropped off the social world. I didn’t talk to anyone except Zach, his family and my family. I didn’t care to stay in contact with anyone for many reasons. I didn’t want to deal with the drama or be involved in the high school drama, I didn’t want to feel judged anymore, and I was still slightly ashamed of the fact I got pregnant. I also didn’t think that anyone wanted to be friends with me because I couldn’t go out and party like they did.

So Zach and I spent day and night together. He was working nights at that point so we would hang out all day, until he had to go to work. Then when he was at work we would spend the majority of the night on the phone just talking. And when he got off work around 4 or 5 in the morning, he would come over and spend the rest of the night/morning with me.

My parents did not approve having him spend the night, but they allowed it. I understand now that it was just part of their beliefs and they didn’t agree with sex before marriage. I believe that they thought if they allow him to spend the night, it condoned sex. Every time he came over after work to spend the night, my parent’s whole mood changed and you could tell they were upset. This did not help with my relationship with my parents or with Zach.

So on Zach’s days off we would spend the night over at his parents’ house. They didn’t have a problem with me spending the night. They were happy that we were trying to work on our relationship and they were just being supportive.


20 weeks pregnant!