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Baby names!

After the first ultrasound we talked about names a lot. We had this app on Zach’s phone for baby names. It was so cool because you could save your favorite names on there. So we would sit before appointments or when we were bored and look up names.

We could never agree on a name for a boy. I loved the names Brody, Noah and Lucas for a boy. But Zach did not like them. I wanted Brody so bad for a boy because I just had this feeling we were going to have a boy. I would get so mad at Zach because he did not like it. I think this was the first thing we really had to compromise on that was on a bigger scale. So finally we found a name that was…okay. We decided on Chase for a boy. It’s so funny though because we would always go back to looking for different boy names.

For a girl…it was a whole different story. Zach said he always loved the name Hayden and if he had a daughter, he wanted to name Hayden. I fell in love with the name right away. I think that conversation lasted all of 3 minutes before we both agreed on Hayden.

Then we started thinking about middle names. I wanted a middle name to be passed down from a family member. Zach said since he chose a first name for a girl, I could pick a middle name. We never could come up with a middle name for Chase but for Hayden we came up with a middle name right away.

Well, now it was just a waiting game…were we having a little Chase or Hayden?

(It is kind of intimidating to pick a name for someone. They are going to be stuck with that name forever. I don’t want my child to have a name they would be made fun of either. I remember, I was always scared that once we had the baby, I would look at him or her and realized it didn’t look like a Chase or Hayden and we would leave without a name for our baby.)