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Baby Shower

Mothers  Day 2010 & Natalie 012

Baby Bump on Mother’s Day!


Even though everyone was not completely thrilled with me, now 17, and Zach, now 19, having a baby they still made it as much fun as possible and threw us a baby shower! Zach’s mom, his sister and my mom planned and prepared all the food.

I had never been to a baby shower before and I had a great time. I invited a couple friends from high school, only one came, and the rest of the group was mostly family and close family friends. It was nice having everyone who supported us around us.

It was hilarious watching everyone play the games. Even though everyone claims they hate the games at baby showers, I think they are tons of fun. We had the ‘guess what the baby ate’ game where you put different foods and seasonings in newborn diapers and you try to guess what it is. Then we had the guys drink soda out of baby bottles. And my personal favorite was feeding Zach baby food with both of us blind folded. Ahh it was the best.

Hayden got a ton of presents that helped us out so much. I was so touched that that many people did support and love us.

Nat and Zach's baby shower