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Being Pregnant in High School

This is no easy task! Not only do you have to deal with the regular workload, but now you are dealing with going to school and morning sickness, fatigue, physical changes, hormonal changes and peeing ALL the time. Then, there is the social side of high school, which was non existent for me by my choice. I looked at school like a business. I didn’t go for a social call anymore because I didn’t want to get involved in drama, I just went to get my work done.

My math teacher, who I previously talked about, was I bumped heads with. I had to take a potty break everyday before her class and would sometimes be literally a minutes or two late to her class. I remember one day I had to go really bad, like when you get the goose bumps because you have to go so bad. I walked into her room, put my stuff down and asked if I could use the bathroom. She told me no. (I would understand if we did anything productive within the first few minutes of class but we never did, it was normally just taking attendance.) I walked out of the class and she followed me and went on to tell me no again. I turned around and told her, “You know what, I’m pregnant! I have to drink a lot of water so I need to go pee.” She was a little shocked because this is the first time she had heard about it. After that, I was incredibly upset. It’s not like I abused using the bathroom. So I went to the principal, explained my situation, and she was so supportive of me. She had a meeting with my math teacher and I never had trouble from her again.