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Blow Out Fight

Zach and I had been in a few really dumb fights. Like I didn’t want the carseat in his car because of the way he drove or because I didn’t want the sun to damage it. (This was prior to Hayden being born. He just wanted to keep it in his care because it made him excited.)

The major fight we had was about Zach wanting to establish his paternal right. I didn’t understand it at all. I got extremely upset and thought he was only with me because of the baby. I thought he wanted to take Hayden away from me. I thought he didn’t trust me and I figured he thought I was going to take Hayden away from him.

So we were driving and we started talking about establishing his paternal rights and it turned into a complete blowout fight. I remember telling him, “What have you done for this baby?” (At the time, I really thought that way. Looking back though, he did everything by being my support team. He went to birthing class he could go to and he went to every single one of the doctor appointments. I think I expected him to have a place for us to live together, I really don’t know what I wanted him to do. Looking back I completely regret saying that and I can’t tell you how many times I have apologized. It gets me down when I think about it because I can’t believe how blind I was.) I know I really hurt him.

Anyways, we got into a screaming match and he pulled over to the side of the road to turn around and I just got out of the car, 9 months pregnant, and I told him I was going to walk home. So I started walking and called my mom to come get me. Zach tried to get me to stop and just to get back in the car but I was too hard headed to do that. He and I didn’t talk for a while and his parents and my parents set up a time for ALL of us to sit down and discuss what was going on. We did and I don’t think it really helped. I was able to get a lot of anger out but nothing was really resolved.

I think this was a big turning point for me but not in a good way. I started to really not like Zach. And things just continued to go downhill from there.