Bobbi Sudberry Speaks to W. Valley


Recently, the West Valley hosted a Healthy Relationships workshop with featured guest speaker, Bobbi Sudberry, of Kaity’s Way. Ms. Sudberry’s daughter, Kaity, was murdered by an ex-boyfriend in 2008 after Kaity put their unstable relationship to an end.  Ms. Sudberry began Kaity’s Way in order to educate and empower teens with knowledge of healthy relationships, and also to help those who are involved in unhealthy, abusive relationships.  Bobbi Sudberry and Kaity’s Way were the driving force of Kaity’s Law, an AZ law that gives teen victims in abusive relationships the same protection as married victims.

  • The Purpose of Kaity’s Way is to provide assistance to children of all ages subjected to or involved in violent relationships.
  • Their Mission is to promote understanding and educate the community to lessen the instances of violence among or against children through P.E.A.C.E. (Patience, Empathy, Acceptance, Caring and Equality).
  • Their Vision is such that the Awareness and Education we provide will bring about the Prevention of violence and therefore a societal shift providing a generation of healthy respectful relationships to be followed by many others.

We are so proud of the number of our families who joined TOPS for this event. We feel the information was invaluable! Teens who came not only listened to the important message of Ms. Sudberry, but also received from awesome perks for attending  including raffles for movie passes, Castles and Coasters, Wet N’ Wild, family games and a restaurant gift card.

Thank you to everyone who attended this event and especially to Bobbi Sudberry for your presentation! To learn more about Kaity’s Way, please visit