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Body Changes

Every pregnancy is different so I can only speak from my own experience. My body went through a ton of changes.

I’m going to be honest, the best part of being pregnant was getting the bigger boobs. That part was awesome. But then weird things happened as well. For example, towards the end of the pregnancy my boobs started leaking and I had to wear nursing pads before the baby was even born. I constantly had to go to the bathroom, like every hour. I started getting stretch marks on my boobs. My hormones were crazy.

Then there is the belly. It’s keeps growing and growing past what you ever thought it could. I had no idea my skin could stretch like that. I started showing when I was about 4 -5 months pregnant. I felt like I was getting fat. I refused to wear maternity clothes though. I think I owned maybe 4 maternity shirts and I never bought any maternity pants or shorts. Instead, my OBGYN suggested looping a hair tie around the button and the hole of my pants to extend them.

Like this…

She said she had seen many girls do this. So I tried it and it worked! I also bought the elastic belly bands for my pants at Target for less than $20 and that worked as well. (It’s called  Be Maternity BeBand) The band just held my pants up without having to button or zip them.

Now looking back, I wish I would have bought maternity clothes. It definitely would have saved some of my shirts from getting stretched out. I didn’t want to accept the fact that my body was changing because it scared me. My advice would be embrace it. They actually have tons of really cute maternity close now and I wish I would have seen that. I find myself looking at them now and thinking, “Did they have these when I was pregnant because they are really cute and I would wear them now if I was pregnant.”