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Breaking the news (part 2)

Zach told his parents on his own. I told him I was too scared to be with him. His dad was half asleep and he threw a couple curse words out there and went back to sleep. Zach then sat down with his mom outside. He said, “Natalie’s pregnant.” She thought Zach was joking and she started laughing. Zach finally got her to understand it was true. She was upset for a couple of seconds, then she realized what’s done is done. All she wanted to do after that is be a support system.

The first time I went over to Zach’s house after he told his parents, I was so nervous. I remember almost having a melt down before walking in the house. Zach told me, “Don’t be nervous, they don’t hate you.” It was true. They talked to us about how we had to grow up and that we were taking care of another human being, but other than that they were supportive.

In the end, I found out that in your parents eyes, the way you act is from their parenting. I know my mom felt like it was her fault that I got pregnant; like if she would have parented me differently I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant, that it was something she did or didn’t do. I know at times my mom was also embarrassed because this reflected her parenting skills. What she didn’t understand was I was a rebellious teenager and made my own decisions.

I personally feel like there are some crucial things that parents need to do. I believe parents need to be understanding and approachable at all times. I think parents need to be open with their children and let them know that even they made mistakes. I know for me, if my parents did these things it would have been easier to go to them for anything, whether it was telling them I was pregnant, getting on birth control, sex, advise….