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Holiday Cheer!

Hayden is now 3 years old and I am in love with this age. She is still young enough to still be my baby but she can also participate in a lot of activities. Today, we decided to attempt the Gingerbread Christmas Tree. We just picked it up from a local grocery store for about […]


Moving out

You know those little fights you have with your parents, that’s how this was except it escalated. Earlier Hayden was playing with some small cans that were in a cabinet in the kitchen, she loved stacking them and making noise with them. I hadn’t gone to pick them up because I knew as soon as […]


Bad times…

At first I wanted to fast forward the bad times between Zach and I. But I realized it is important for me to share everything and not sugar coat anything.   Zach and I broke up on Halloween of 2010. While I was on the phone with him, I asked him to sign over his […]



During this time of Zach and I not being together, Zach met another girl. At first I didn’t think anything of it because Zach said nothing was going on between them. So I believed him. Then one day, I just saw they way they looked at each other and laughed with each other. That’s when […]

Zach and my relationship

The following weekend, when it was time for Hayden to go over to Zach’s again, I dropped her off and she didn’t want to go. But I left her with Zach.  About an hour and a half later I got a phone call from Zach. He told me Hayden was not stop crying and asked […]


Fast-forward a little…

(I had give a shortened version of this because I could go into detail about soo much) This is the last time Zach saw Hayden before we broke up…. To make a long story short…Zach and I broke up with me. It was an ugly break up on October 31, 2010. I didn’t want to […]


Coming home…

After being discharged from the hospital, Zach drove me home. My parents had a rule that Zach wasn’t able to stay the night. Which I do not understand completely. I know a big reason was because he and I were not married and my parents were pretty religious. By that point, I wanted Zach to […]


The First Night (Part 2)

I was so close to giving up on breastfeeding. In fact, when the nurse came in to check my vitals, Hayden was asleep in my arms and I was about to ask her to bring in a bottle with formula. All of a sudden she said, “They’re all talking about you out there.” I thought, […]


The First Night (Part 1)

The nurses and Zach got me settled in our postpartum room. I was anxious to get Hayden back and I was starting to get emotionally and physically tired. A couple of Zach’s friends came by and congratulated us and saw Hayden in the nursery. When they brought Hayden back to the room, they left which […]



(Funny story, as Hayden head was coming out, my OBGYN said “This baby has no hair,” which she really didn’t.) Right after she was born, they laid her on my belly and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She cried a little but then it just seemed like she was looking at me. […]


Final Stages

Around 3:00 pm, my doctor came in to check me and I my cervix was about 5 to 6 cm dilated and 100% effaced. By this point, I wasn’t feeling anymore pain because the epidural had done it’s duty. And I was relaxed. She decided to go ahead and break my water. I thought since […]


May 26, 2010 (Part 2)

We arrived at the hospital around 10:00 a.m. I had my bobby pillow and my suitcase with me. Despite the fight we had, I was really glad Zach was there with me. We walked into the hospital, and I told the lady, “I’m suppose to have a baby today. I’m getting induced.” (I had no […]


It wasn’t very long after the intense contractions started, that I wanted an epidural! I remember during TOPS birthing classes they had me fill out a birthing plan. In this birthing plan, you wrote down kind of how you wanted your labor and delivery to go. For example if you wanted an epidural or not, and […]

May 26, 2010

After waiting all week, STILL, nothing happened.  I never felt a contraction or anything any more uncomfortable than I already was. The next week, exactly one week later than my due date, was another appointment. Or so I thought. I was getting ready for my doctors appointment that morning, which was suppose to be at […]


I sat in on a parenting class that was taught today at TOPS and I had completely forgotten about this class and how interesting it really is. It’s all about playing with your child and how your child explores. They learn through exploring. Whether it is putting something in their mouth or hitting the object […]


3D Ultrasound

Zach suggest the idea of getting a 3D ultrasound.  He said his sister got one and it was really cool to see. I had never seen one before but we both wanted to get one done. I asked the doctor if it was okay for the baby and she said it wouldn’t harm the baby. […]

Last Appointment (part 2)

We sat in the truck for a good few minutes after the appointment. Still in shock. He asked me where we should go to eat and we decided to just go down the road to Applebees, which was one of my favorite places to eat. I always craved their mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce. The […]

Last Appointment

Zach and I didn’t get over the fight but we still moved along. We didn’t really have a choice. He still took me to the rest of my doctor appointments and we were both very anxious that it was getting so close to the end. I remember at one of my last doctor appointments, I […]

Blow Out Fight

Zach and I had been in a few really dumb fights. Like I didn’t want the carseat in his car because of the way he drove or because I didn’t want the sun to damage it. (This was prior to Hayden being born. He just wanted to keep it in his care because it made […]


Baby Shower

Baby Bump on Mother’s Day!   Even though everyone was not completely thrilled with me, now 17, and Zach, now 19, having a baby they still made it as much fun as possible and threw us a baby shower! Zach’s mom, his sister and my mom planned and prepared all the food. I had never […]


We finally started the construction on my room! We were going to double the size of my room and add a walk-in closet. I was stoked because that meant I would have plenty of room for both Hayden and my things. My family, mostly my dad, did all the work. He had to poor the […]

What would have prevented me?

I have gone around to a few different places, like schools and churches, and I have shared my experience as a teen mom with others. I always like to leave it open to question at the end and I get a lot of different questions. A very common one I have been asked, mostly by […]


I started nesting probably a little while after I graduated. I wanted to be able to get everything set up and organized for when baby Hayden arrived, even though that was like five months away. The only problem was I didn’t have any room in my bedroom and it was going to be under construction […]


When I graduated high school, I didn’t really go anywhere. I was what you call a ‘homebody’ and I just wanted to stay home. I was normally at one of these three places: my house, Zach’s house or a doctor’s appointment. That’s it. Occasionally, I would be at a restaurant with Zach after a doctor’s […]

Pregnancy Classes

Both my mom and I were sitting in the car. We had just arrived at the hospital where these birthing classes were taking place that were being provided by TOPS. I was mad at Zach because he couldn’t come along since he was working. My mom and I arrived early but I didn’t want to be […]


Back in January of 2010, I received a call from a lady one day and she explained that I had signed up for some program. She explained that she was a nurse and wanted to meet to ask me some question. I was so caught off guard, I never remembered signing up for anything but […]

Getting back in touch.

Remember how in my last post I said, “I also didn’t think that anyone wanted to be friends with me because I couldn’t go out and party like they did.” I truly did not have any other friends then Zach, his family and mine, but I ached to have another friendship.  It took about 3 months for […]

After high school…

After graduating from high school, I pretty much dropped off the social world. I didn’t talk to anyone except Zach, his family and my family. I didn’t care to stay in contact with anyone for many reasons. I didn’t want to deal with the drama or be involved in the high school drama, I didn’t […]

Christmas Present

After finding out it was a girl, I went straight to Baby’s R Us with my mom. I still wanted to make it some sort of surprise for Zach. I was so uneasy though, because I was afraid he was going to be disappointed we were having a girl. (He had never told me he […]

Is it a boy or girl?

On December 23, 2009 we had our second ultrasound. I was about 19 weeks preggers and we had the choice of finding out the baby’s sex. I really wanted to keep it a surprise. For whatever reason, I really liked the thought of not knowing and waiting. I thought it would be awesome to not […]

Baby names!

After the first ultrasound we talked about names a lot. We had this app on Zach’s phone for baby names. It was so cool because you could save your favorite names on there. So we would sit before appointments or when we were bored and look up names. We could never agree on a name […]

December 17, 2009

I graduated! I finally did it. I graduated a semester early. Most importantly, I achieved my goal. I didn’t want to have a cap and gown ceremony because it wasn’t important to me. Instead, on the last day of school, before winter break, I received my diploma from my counselor and I have never been […]

Weekend Academy

I was short .5 credits of English and .5 credits of an elective in order to graduate in December 2009. After my councilor giving me all of my options, I decided to go with the weekend academy so I could graduate a semester early. I decided to take English as my elective so I would […]

Our Relationship

Zach and I barely had a relationship before we were preggers. We didn’t have much of a foundation. We were introduced by friends the summer before senior year. After we met, we were inseparable. He would come pick me up from my house in the morning and we would spend all day together until my […]

I never had the “talk”.

My parents never talked to me about sex. I barely remember my mom talking to me about periods. My mom said that when I was younger, she left books about sex out on the table, hoping I would ask questions. I never did. I don’t even remember my mom doing this. She apparently did this […]

Body Changes

Every pregnancy is different so I can only speak from my own experience. My body went through a ton of changes. I’m going to be honest, the best part of being pregnant was getting the bigger boobs. That part was awesome. But then weird things happened as well. For example, towards the end of the […]

The ex-girlfriend drama

I really questioned if I should write about this or not, but this was a big stresser for me at the time and I am certain that other people experience or have experienced similar situations. You know, no matter who you date, there will always be some kind of ‘baggage’ you both have. And it […]

First ultrasound

I had my first ultrasound when I was 12 weeks preggers. The doctor’s do an ultrasound between 10-14 weeks to make sure the due date is correct, to check on the baby’s growth, and to check for down syndrome. It was my mom, Zach and I that went to the appointment. I remember being excited […]


Heartbeat Hearing the heartbeat for the first time is something I can’t really describe. It’s an indescribable feeling that I know both Zach and I will never forget. We were shocked that we created that heartbeat that belonged to our little baby. We first heard the heartbeat, I believe, during our second appointment. I was […]

Being Pregnant in High School

This is no easy task! Not only do you have to deal with the regular workload, but now you are dealing with going to school and morning sickness, fatigue, physical changes, hormonal changes and peeing ALL the time. Then, there is the social side of high school, which was non existent for me by my […]

Losing Friends

When you become pregnant your whole priority list changes. Things that were important to you last week don’t seem to matter as much anymore. You grow up, your interests change, you lose friends. I lost all my friends except one. The friends I had were the friends I went to parties with and when I […]

Time to start getting the word out…

After my pregnancy was confirmed by my OBGYN, I realized I should probably let my teachers, counselors and school nurse know. I was truly uncomfortable having everyone know I was pregnant. I didn’t want to be judged and I didn’t want to be talked about. I was under the impression that only a couple of […]

Baby Changes

At first, I was pretty freaked out about having something grow inside of me. It might sound really dumb, but that’s just the way I felt. I felt like some alien was taking over my body. I didn’t really enjoy it until the baby starting kicking and I could feel it. After I got over […]

How to choose your OBGYN?

I had no idea what doctor to go to when I got pregnant! Luckily, Zach’s sister suggested her OBGYN that she really liked and I just went with that one. I hate just picking a name from a list of doctors and not knowing anything about them. I did not put any thought into the […]

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness was my very first sign of being pregnant, although we had no idea. I started feeling really sick, just nauseous all the time and I didn’t want to eat…ever. I stayed home from school a few times just because I felt so nauseous. I remember Zach had brought me a pink teddy bear […]

My first doctor’s appointment

My first actual doctor’s appointment was a couple weeks after I found out I was preggers. I have never been so scared to go to the doctors in my life. This was my first experience with an OBGYN and I definitely was not comfortable with someone getting up close and personal with me. Thank goodness […]


It took a couple of weeks before I could look my parents in the eye. I remember holding an awkward conversation the following day with my mom, which included no eye contact. My mom asked, “so what do you plan on doing with the baby?” I told her that both Zach and I had decided […]

Breaking the news (part 2)

Zach told his parents on his own. I told him I was too scared to be with him. His dad was half asleep and he threw a couple curse words out there and went back to sleep. Zach then sat down with his mom outside. He said, “Natalie’s pregnant.” She thought Zach was joking and […]

Breaking the news (part 1)

Why is it so hard to tell your parents you’re pregnant? Are you afraid of disappointment, the way they will respond, if they will be angry and kick you out, or maybe they won’t love you anymore? I had all of these fears. Here’s my experience telling my parents… After I found out I was […]

Finding out you are pregnant!

    I never thought it could happen to me. I thought I was invincible. Those were my exact feelings when I found out I was pregnant. Back on September 19, 2009, (sixteen years old) I was going to a party some friends were having. There was alcohol at the party and I remember something in […]