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Christmas Present

After finding out it was a girl, I went straight to Baby’s R Us with my mom. I still wanted to make it some sort of surprise for Zach. I was so uneasy though, because I was afraid he was going to be disappointed we were having a girl. (He had never told me he would be disappointed if we had a girl, I just knew he wanted a boy because I figured every man wanted a son for their first born.)

Anyways, I picked out a pink blanket and pink booties and wrapped them up in a box with the ultrasound picture on top. I was so nervous and anxious to tell him, I couldn’t wait until Christmas. So I texted him that night and told him to come over. Surprisingly, he couldn’t wait to give me my present either. So I opened my present and it was a necklace. I felt spoiled and excited that he got me something like that. It was a very nice surprise. Then, I had him open his present. He’s one of those people who tries not to rip the wrapping paper so it takes him FOREVER to open something, which just added to my nervousness and excitement. He finally got to the box and he saw the ultrasound pictures on top and continued to uncover the booties and the pink blanket. I remember he said something like, “so I take it you want a girl?”

I laughed and said, “no we ARE having a girl. Look at the back of the ultrasound picture.”

He flipped over the picture and saw what the nurse wrote, “99.9% sure it’s a girl.” He was shocked and wrapped me up in a big hug  with a huge smile on his face and kissed me. I felt this huge weight lift off my shoulders because of his reaction. That’s when I told him my master plan I made up in order to make it a surprise for him.

Then I asked him, “Are you upset it’s not a boy?”

He looked at me like I was psycho and stated, “No not at all. Now she can be Daddy’s little girl. I just want a healthy baby.”

I was so excited after that. And it was official, her name was going to be Hayden!