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We finally started the construction on my room! We were going to double the size of my room and add a walk-in closet. I was stoked because that meant I would have plenty of room for both Hayden and my things.

My family, mostly my dad, did all the work. He had to poor the concrete, put up the frames and then finish it up with drywall, electrical, and of course of the final touches like painting and flooring. And I was 8 almost 9 months pregnant at this point. I was so nervous everything was going to be under construction when Hayden decided she was ready to come out.

But with everyone working, we got everything done! (I even picked up a hammer and hammered some nails in.)

I FINALLY got to do my nesting and I got everything hung up, folded and put away. I was ready, well the house was. Not me.