Young families can, AND DO, succeed, but they often need extra support from friends, family, and their community. Be part of their success, and donate to TOPS today. The work you support helps young families finish high school, work toward a college degree, and become financially self-sufficient. This makes our community stronger and healthier! Thank you for your support!

TOPS is a Qualifying Charitable Organization, so your donation is eligible for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit! Donate to TOPS  and reduce dollar-for-dollar what you pay in Arizona income tax (you can still participate in the Arizona School Tax Credit!). Couples filing jointly can reduce their state taxes up to $800; individuals and heads of household filers can claim a tax credit of up to $400. The money you would otherwise pay in taxes can benefit the young families in our program, and your entire community!

For more information on the AZ Charitable Tax Credit, visit the AZ Department of Revenue here.