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Getting back in touch.

Remember how in my last post I said, “I also didn’t think that anyone wanted to be friends with me because I couldn’t go out and party like they did.” I truly did not have any other friends then Zach, his family and mine, but I ached to have another friendship. 

It took about 3 months for me to get back in contact with my only close friend I had my senior year. Taylor. Taylor was the one who always had my back in high school, especially when I was pregnant. I remember I used to go to her class and hang out with her everyday and we had a class together. She would pick me up everyday to go to school and take me home. She was the only person I could be myself around at my high school and not care. She contacted me via text one day. So it was sooo nice to hear from her. She and I started hanging out again and it was awesome to have a friend back, especially one who was a girl! And we picked up where we left off in our friendship.

Taylor and I talked about why we never contacted each other. I remember the conversation completely, we were at a Circle K picking up some late snacks. She told me that she thought I would contact her if I wanted her to be in my life. She didn’t want to be in the way of me and Zach trying to be a family. I felt so relieved! I told her that I didn’t know if she would want to be my friend, and I thought that she might be embarrassed to be my friend because I was pregnant. She was shocked that I felt that way. It felt so good to get that out in the open and to get it cleared up.

I wish I would have contacted her earlier because I needed to have a friend other than family and Zach.