Grant Award for 2015

Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services extends a heartfelt Thank You! to the March of Dimes for its continued support in Pima and Maricopa Counties by awarding us a 2015 grant. With generous support from the March of Dimes last year, TOPS educated and supported at-risk pregnant teens with impressive outcomes!

 During 2013, a baby born to a TOPS mom weighed an average of 7lbs. Statistically, babies born to teen moms are often born prematurely, with a low birth weight. In addition, only 16% of TOPS teens received C-Sections (well below the average of over 30% of births), and almost 80% of our teen moms were breastfeeding their newborns (compared to only 36% of teens nationally)!

Pregnant adolescents are more likely to experience complications and unhealthy birth outcomes compared to older pregnant women.  It is critical for them to receive timely care from their healthcare providers; and healthy pregnancy, and childbirth education. TOPS teaches its clients about the importance of healthy choices during pregnancy and the crucial addition of prenatal vitamins and especially of folic acid to their daily routines.

 TOPS has been educating and supporting pregnant and parenting adolescents since 2000 and we couldn’t do it without the generous support of our funders, like the March of Dimes! THANK YOU!