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(Funny story, as Hayden head was coming out, my OBGYN said “This baby has no hair,” which she really didn’t.) Right after she was born, they laid her on my belly and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She cried a little but then it just seemed like she was looking at me. I was in so much shock but yet I was proud at the same time. They left her on my belly while Zach cut her umbilical cord and while they stitched me up. I had no idea while they were stitching me. I had wanted my doctor to use mineral oil and not do an episiotomy right away, and she did. She did everything I wanted her to do. However, even with the mineral oil I was starting to tear so she just cut me.


I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my nurse. She was incredible, never made me feel like a child and I never felt judged by her. She made sure I had everything I wanted or needed, stayed calm during the whole thing and was one of the sweetest people I’ve met. She even stayed an hour and a half past her shift to see the delivery through. That meant the world to me. I didn’t want a new strange nurse to come in right as I was about to have Hayden.


Then they took Hayden off of me to clean her up, take her APGAR test, do footprints and handprints and to weigh her. Hayden was a healthy 8.2 lbs baby, which was a pound more than what they had predicted at my last ultrasound. Everything about her was perfect to me. They swaddled her up and handed her back to me.


Zach wanted to hold her and I almost completely forgot he was there. I was so in shock. Then my family and Zach’s family came in and wanted to hold her right away. I was really annoyed because I felt like I had just gave birth to her, let me hold for a while. I didn’t want anybody else holding her other than me and Zach.


About an hour later, they tried to get me to go to the bathroom before they moved me into the postpartum room. I kind of laughed because I still couldn’t feel anything down there. But I had a nurse on each side of me and walked me to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and she turned on the water to try to make me pee and it did nothing. I kind of laughed again and told her, “Ya, this isn’t going to happen.” She tried every trick she knew to try to get me to pee on my own but they had to do a catheter. I still couldn’t feel anything.


Then they wheeled me off to the postpartum room as they took Hayden to the nursery. I didn’t want to leave her.