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During this time of Zach and I not being together, Zach met another girl. At first I didn’t think anything of it because Zach said nothing was going on between them. So I believed him. Then one day, I just saw they way they looked at each other and laughed with each other. That’s when I knew they were together as a couple. He finally came clean and it broke my heart.
I remember going over and crying to his parents several times. I loved this boy with all my heart and wanted nothing but to be with him and he didn’t want the same. It completely broke me. I was so mad at him and mad at the girl for getting involved with him knowing that he and I had just recently broken up.
I remember having a conversation with this girl because she thought I hated her. I told her I didn’t hate her, that I didn’t know her. But I didn’t like her being with him. She told me at the end of our conversation, ” I hope everything works out for you.”
“I don’t wish the same,” I answered. (Meaning that I hope things didn’t work out for her and Zach) Which I was really proud of myself for standing up for myself to her in a very kind and respectful way.
I can’t exactly blame Zach of moving on or at least trying to because we did have a past that we hadn’t moved past yet. But I knew in my heart that I was going to marry this man and be with him. (He just didn’t realized he felt the same way yet.)
He and this girl eventually broke up and I remember his mom and I sitting at the kitchen table as they were having their break-up fight, and his mom and I were celebrating and laughing about it together. His mom told me, “I always knew there was something off with her.” I love Zach’s mom!