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How to choose your OBGYN?

I had no idea what doctor to go to when I got pregnant! Luckily, Zach’s sister suggested her OBGYN that she really liked and I just went with that one. I hate just picking a name from a list of doctors and not knowing anything about them. I did not put any thought into the fact of how important it is to chose an OBGYN that supports you. The most thought I put into it was I HAD to have a woman doctor. If this doctor was going to be checking all the downstairs stuff, I would not have been comfortable with a man for an OBGYN. (I had never been to an OBGYN before I got pregnant. After being pregnant and having a baby, it seems like you show everyone your everything, so I could really care less now if I had a woman or a man as my doctor) I was incredibly lucky though and this doctor was a perfect fit for me.

The things that made me really enjoy my experience there were, I never felt judged when I went to my doctor. Every singe person, the nursing staff, the receptionists were incredibly welcoming and personable. To this day, the receptionists still know me by my first name, which is a really cool thing for me. They addressed every concern I had and I never hesitated to call and ask questions. If I ever had to leave a message, they call me back very quickly and never made me feel dumb for asking a ridiculous question. Zach and I always had a good time joking around with everyone. The funniest thing was my doctor walked in and Zach was laying down on with his feet up in the stirrups and said, “I’m ready doc!” They were all very welcoming of Zach’s sense of humor.

My doctor and the staff were also my support team. Some things that were important to me later on in the pregnancy were I wanted to use mineral oil before getting an episiotomy right away and my doctor agreed with me. I also wanted to try to go into labor by myself. My doctor agreed to let me go past my due date until she saw any danger to the baby. I believe it is really important to voice the things you want to your doctor and have them be on board.

I talked to Zach and asked him what his reasons were for liking our doctor and he agreed with everything I said and added, “that they allowed me to go back with you and be a part of everything during the pregnancy and birthing experience.” I didn’t even think about this but I realized this was the most important thing for both of us.

Check out this website I found that tells you what to look for in an OBGYN.

Do not be afraid to look for another OBGYN if you are not happy with your current one!