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When I graduated high school, I didn’t really go anywhere. I was what you call a ‘homebody’ and I just wanted to stay home. I was normally at one of these three places: my house, Zach’s house or a doctor’s appointment. That’s it. Occasionally, I would be at a restaurant with Zach after a doctor’s appointment. Those were the places I was most comfortable at or felt welcomed.

I did not like going out in public. I didn’t like going anywhere else because I didn’t want to feel judged. I think the majority of it was in my head but I know I got strange looks at a couple of places. I remember I went to the mall with my mom and we were just walking around and window shopping. I was definitely showing enough for everyone to know I was pregnant. We were walking and this lady glanced at me, glanced at my belly, and then took a second glance at my face again with a concerned/shocked look. I knew right there she took a second glance because she saw how young I was. Because of that, I hated being out in public because I did not want to feel judged.