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Last Appointment

Zach and I didn’t get over the fight but we still moved along. We didn’t really have a choice. He still took me to the rest of my doctor appointments and we were both very anxious that it was getting so close to the end.

I remember at one of my last doctor appointments, I was 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced. They had me do a stress test and to see if there were any contractions going on. Nothing. Hayden was pretty content being inside of me. They also did a final ultrasound to see how she was positioned and to see if my uterus was deteriorating at all. Hayden was head down, predicted to be about 7.4 lbs, but my uterus was starting to come to deteriorate a little. I was 40 weeks by this point, completely full term. My doctor came in and told us all this news and then said, “Do you want to have a baby tomorrow? We could induce you tomorrow.”

 Zach and I were so shocked we didn’t know what to say. Both he and I were definitely not expecting that and everything started to become very real and scary. We both looked at each other and stuttered with, “ah…uh…..hmm.” We wanted to be able to talk about it over lunch so we said we would just schedule another appointment and call her if we decided to be induced the next day.