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Moving out

You know those little fights you have with your parents, that’s how this was except it escalated.

Earlier Hayden was playing with some small cans that were in a cabinet in the kitchen, she loved stacking them and making noise with them. I hadn’t gone to pick them up because I knew as soon as I started cleaning them up, Hayden would be right back over and pulling everything back out. Instead, I was planning on waiting until she went down for her nap to clean up all of her messes.

Well, my dad had a different idea. He wanted them to be cleaned up as soon as she was finished playing. This escalated into a huge fight between us. He and I were both yelling at each other. I had told him that if he would have put the child lock on the cabinet door she wouldn’t have been able to get in the cabinet.

Our argument finally escalated to the point that I realized this was not the healthiest environment for my daughter or me to be in.

My parents and I needed some kind of change.

This is when I decided to move out, and move in with Zach. At first, I thought this was just going to be a temporary move and that I would move back in to my parents’ house after we both had time to cool off. However, the weeks went on and I realized my parents and I had a better relationship when we weren’t living under the same roof.