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My first doctor’s appointment

My first actual doctor’s appointment was a couple weeks after I found out I was preggers. I have never been so scared to go to the doctors in my life. This was my first experience with an OBGYN and I definitely was not comfortable with someone getting up close and personal with me. Thank goodness for Zach going with me, he wanted to be there with me. I could tell Zach was nervous too. We both sat there waiting for the doctor in very awkward silence. I think we were both still hoping there was some kind of mistake and that I really wasn’t pregnant. Yeahhh that definitely was not the case.

So the nurse practitioner walks in and was so sweet, asked if we had any question. She tells me to put my legs up in the stirrups (very weird feeling being exposed). She checks and says, “Yep! There’s definitely something growing up in there.” That was such a strange thing to hear to confirm a pregnancy.!

We found out our due date was May 21, 2010 and we were about 5+ weeks pregnant. This is when I FINALLY believed I was truly preggers (about a week and a half to 2 weeks after I took my first pregnancy test).