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I started nesting probably a little while after I graduated. I wanted to be able to get everything set up and organized for when baby Hayden arrived, even though that was like five months away. The only problem was I didn’t have any room in my bedroom and it was going to be under construction to make it bigger.

So I had the crib and everything I had for Hayden inside of it. These items included, mobile, bouncer, clothes, diapers, diaper bag, presents, toys, bobby pillow and more. I washed the clothes and folded them, which I have no idea why I did because by the time Hayden was due, I had to wash them all again because the smelled like dust instead of that baby Dreft smell. I can’t tell you how many times I pulled everything out of the crib and reorganized it all just to put it all back in the crib because I had no room.

I kept getting things from people, diapers, more clothes and highchairs and I had no where to put them. It drove me crazy!

You can see the beginning of the mess starting in the crib…