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I sat in on a parenting class that was taught today at TOPS and I had completely forgotten about this class and how interesting it really is. It’s all about playing with your child and how your child explores. They learn through exploring. Whether it is putting something in their mouth or hitting the object or just feeling it. This is how our children learn.

Listening to other families talk about their children and the ways they explore, it amazed me how children explore so differently at different ages. Hayden is currently at the “Why?” stages. She is exploring things by asking me now. And as frustrating as it is sometimes, I have to remind myself that she is just learning.

One of the activities we did in the parenting class was the instructors gave us each a random object and a magnifying glass. They told us to look at it and describe what we saw.  I had some rock that was found in the ocean. How did I know this? I could feel it from the texture and I had seen something like it before. It was hard, spiky, white, and it a specific design on it. The instructors explained these are things that our children think to figure out what the object is. They also said we could taste it but I wasn’t about to taste it. They also had us feel a tool that was put inside of a paper bag and we had to try to guess what it was by feeling it, banging it and whatever else you could think of to figure out the object without looking of course. If you do this, this is exactly what it is like when a baby or child is trying to figure out something new.

The instructors also had us look through some items like bottles, spoons, cookware, tupperware and more to come up with creative ways to play with them. They were showing us that a toy doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, you can find toys that you already have in your home.

I am going to be keeping my eyes open for when Hayden uses random things for toys and share them all with you. I am also going to look for recipes to make your own play dough, paints, and simple inexpensive activities you can do with your kiddos!