When Cara first found out she was pregnant she was terrified. She learned about TOPS at her first OB/GYN visit but it took her a while before she finally called. The first time she came to the office she immediately found herself with friends. “If I wouldn’t have found TOPS I don’t know where I would be today. All of my friends are girls I met through support group” says Cara.

While Cara has an optimistic outlook for herself and her daughter she has definitely experienced the difficulties of being a teen mom. Balancing motherhood with high school is one of those difficulties. “The hardest thing about having a baby and staying in school is the lack of energy. After being up through the night taking care of myself and Brylee, managing good grades is exhausting.” Because of her experience in TOPS’ Pregnancy and Childbirth classes, Cara recognized the the early signs of post-partum depression and sought treatment. She is doing great now and is excited to continue with the TOPS Parenting Program. “I cannot wait to take the parenting classes because I’m excited to experience that with my daughter!” says Cara. She plans to graduate from high school in May 2013 and go on to college for a degree in Special Education.

Recognizing and seeking treatment for post-partum depression is not an easy. Cara displayed great character, courage and responsibility when she sought treatment. You are an inspiration, Cara!