Codi and Brandon

Codi has been with the TOPS program in the East Valley since 2011. During her pregnancy she experience complications that forced her to receive in-home care but she still attended her TOPS pregnancy and childbirth classes. On January 31, 2012 Codi delivered Brandon, a beautiful baby boy.

Brandon was born with a chronic health condition that causes him to aspirate food and beverage frequently leading to pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses. He has been in and out of the hospital since he was born. Not only has Codi had to manage the difficulties of being a parenting teen to a sick child, but she has had to overcome other difficulties, as well.

When Codi and the father of the baby separated, Cody and Brandon were left homeless. Before finding a studio apartment, mom and son slept in her car.

Codi came to TOPS hoping we had a crib and/or highchair for her son. During this visit the Regional Manager and Regional Administrator learned of the particular challenges Codi and Brandon were experiencing. Brandon was sleeping in a Pack-N-Play while Codi slept on the floor. The TOPS staff immediately stepped in and began reaching out to the community for assistance. Within a week, Codi had money for food, a crib, bedding, a highchair, and dishes.

Codi participates in weekly Support Group sessions finding comfort in the conversations and support she receives from the other teen parents experiencing similar struggles. She realizes that she is not alone. In addition to Support Group, Codi is also taking Proactive Parenting classes. During these classes, Codi has demonstrated that she has a lot to offer, consistently modeling proactive parenting techniques and expressing an eagerness to learn more.

With the help of TOPS, Codi was able to tap into her resources and get assistance. Throughout her difficulties she has maintained her strength and resolve to work a full-time job in respite care, assisting children and adults with developmental difficulties. Codi has recently been accepted to Carrington College where she will study to become a Medical Lab Technician. Codi is truly working toward a better life for herself and her son. We are proud of you, Codi!