Allen is the first dad graduate of TOPS Proactive Parenting program!  What began as an unsteady journey for Allen has evolved into a road paved with confidence and commitment.

An open CPS case and unemployment were two uphill battles that Allen faced after the birth of his daughter but he was dedicated to overcoming these obstacles. Allan Stockellburg, Fatherhood Facilitator for TOPS Tucson, says he was impressed by Allen from the start. “He has some of the best parenting instincts I’ve seen in our clients – including moms.” Mr. Stockellburg worked closely with Allen and watched him grow every day. CPS closed the case and are no longer involved, Allen got a job as a dishwasher and was soon promoted to line cook, and he began attending PCC working toward his AAS degree in Game Design. To top off the successes, Allen and the mother of his daughter were married in July 2013. TOPS is very proud of Allen and we wish him and his family much success!