In November, TOPS dad extraordinaire, Prince, was invited to participate in Del Webb Hospital’s “New Dad Boot Camp.”
As an 18 year old “veteran dad”, Prince, talked to the 8 soon-to-be dads in the room, and captivated the room. “Aside from learning how to change diapers and swaddle a baby,” he said, “the most valuable thing I learned during TOPS pregnancy and childbirth classes, was how to support my girlfriend, Brianna, during the first few weeks of our son’s life.”
He explained that Brianna experienced difficulty with breastfeeding at first, and how it was so important for him to help her relax and stay confident. With support and encouragement, Brianna exclusively breastfed their son until she went back to school.
Throughout the Boot Camp, the soon-to-be dads asked questions, and passed Prince’s 3 month old son around the room. When asked how he felt after his presentation, Prince said he felt great and was surprised that even the oldest expecting dad in the room, a man in his 40s, had the same questions and concerns about becoming a dad that he did before the birth of his son.
TOPS is so happy for Prince and Brianna, and we are proud of the awesome dad that Prince is becoming! If you have any questions or would like more information about TOPS’ D.A.D (Developing Awesome Dads) program, please call TOPS at 877.882.2881.