free Parenting classes for teenagers

TOPS Proactive Teen Parents classes will provide you with the information to help you be the best parent possible. Young families will learn about child development, nutrition, safety, routines, language development and much, much more!

Teenage Parenting Classes

TOPS Proactive Teen Parents (PTP) program is for teen MOMS & DADS and utilizes the evidence-based program Nurturing Parents. PTP aims to prepare you for what to expect during a child’s first years of life. While taking parenting classes, TOPS encourage young parents to bring child(ren) along. This gives parents and children a great opportunity to learn and have fun together.

Through PTP, we hope to give young parents the tools they need to make informed decisions about raising a child.

PLUS:  TOPS has incredible monthly special events for moms, dads, and families! See our News/Events section on the website for more details!