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Time to start getting the word out…

After my pregnancy was confirmed by my OBGYN, I realized I should probably let my teachers, counselors and school nurse know.

I was truly uncomfortable having everyone know I was pregnant. I didn’t want to be judged and I didn’t want to be talked about. I was under the impression that only a couple of my close friends knew and I wanted to keep it that way. (Little did I know that my “close friends” had already spread the news.)

I had it pretty easy my senior year, I only had four classes everyday which is a half day. I was an aid for two classes and then I had math and english. My math teacher was the only one I had problems with. When I went to tell her what was going on and why I had been missing class, she told m “Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.” I was shocked and a little upset that I was going to tell her something incredibly personal and she didn’t care. So, I didn’t tell her. All of my other teachers were incredibly supportive and told me if there was anything they could do to just let them know.

Then, I went to my counselor and she was incredible. She told me about TAP, but I didn’t want to transfer to a different school. I was comfortable with everything at my high school. I didn’t like the idea of dealing with the added stress of switching schools. We started talking about getting my credits to make sure I would graduate. I explained to her that my due date was May 21, 2010 and that’s when I found out graduation day was May 26, 2010. That’s when I realized I needed to graduate early. I only needed one more credit to graduate a semester early. My counselor explained I could take an online class or a weekend academy. I had attempted an online class a year prior and I wasn’t disciplined at all to stay on top of my work. My fear was I still would not be disciplined enough to complete an online class, so I chose the weekend academy.