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Back in January of 2010, I received a call from a lady one day and she explained that I had signed up for some program. She explained that she was a nurse and wanted to meet to ask me some question. I was so caught off guard, I never remembered signing up for anything but I agreed to set up a meeting.

Colleen, the nurse, came to my house and I was so nervous, I made sure Zach was with me. So we sat down with her and she started asking question about where I was living, insurance, birthing classes, education, how Zach and I met, if we were using birth control, if we wanted to get pregnant, my OBGYN and things like that. That’s when I remembered one of the times I was at my OBGYN and they were telling me about a program for pregnant and parenting teens. Colleen then started telling me about the program and everything they offered. Colleen explained Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services provided free birthing classes, parenting classes and they hold special events around the holidays. She also told me that they only offer services to teens so that meant all the classes consisted of teens.

This was a huge deal for me. I had always felt judged by everyone and to be around people my own age and going through similar situations as me was an exciting and scary idea. Just from talking to Colleen, I got this great vibe from her. She never once seem to judge me or make me feel bad about being 17 and pregnant. Colleen seemed to care and to want to help us prepare for having a baby.

So I decided to sign up for the free birthing classes.