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Weekend Academy

I was short .5 credits of English and .5 credits of an elective in order to graduate in December 2009. After my councilor giving me all of my options, I decided to go with the weekend academy so I could graduate a semester early.

I decided to take English as my elective so I would obtain one full credit of English. The weekend academy is exactly what it sounds like, school over the weekend. It was on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I would go to school all week and then on Friday, I would go to the weekend academy from 4-8. Then it was Saturday and Sunday from 8-4. Each weekend was .5 credits so it took me two weekends to get my full credit.

It definitely was extremely long and boring when I was going through it but the work was incredibly easy. We were reviewing things that I learned in English since the 2nd grade. Things like, “Find the grammar error in these sentences,” or, “Which is the correct spelling of ______ in this sentence, their, there or they’re.” That kind of thing. Simple. I truly dreaded going to the weekend academy because it was so boring and it took everything in me not to fall asleep. But, it was definitely worth it and I knew how important it was for me to get through it and pass the class.

And I did.