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What would have prevented me?

I have gone around to a few different places, like schools and churches, and I have shared my experience as a teen mom with others. I always like to leave it open to question at the end and I get a lot of different questions. A very common one I have been asked, mostly by mothers, is, “What would have prevented you from having sex or unprotected sex?”

I have thought about this question a lot and tried to find an answer. I don’t have one. I believe every person is different. So what might work for one person would not work for another. For some people, it could be having their parents talk to them about sex or becoming more knowledgable of the risks and factors of engaging in sex. Some people just have it made up in their minds that they don’t want to have sex until in a serious relationship or until marriage. Other ways may be they had a close friend who got pregnant and decided that wasn’t going to be them and that’s what prevented them from having unprotected sex.

I have gone throw a lot of these possibilities of ‘what could have prevented me’. Even if my parents talked to me about sex, I don’t know if that would have prevented me. Or learning more about the risks of sex, or having a close friend get pregnant. The reason why I say this is because I was a very strong willed person. I had to figure things out for myself. I don’t know if I ever took someone’s word for it. I never thought becoming pregnant or anything bad would happen to me. I heard about it but to me it was just something you hear about, nothing that could actually happen to me. It’s not like I slept around a lot so I never considered pregnancy, STIs or STDs.

So, unfortunately, I do not have an answer of what would have prevented me, but that is not the case for everyone.