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Zach and my relationship

The following weekend, when it was time for Hayden to go over to Zach’s again, I dropped her off and she didn’t want to go. But I left her with Zach.  About an hour and a half later I got a phone call from Zach. He told me Hayden was not stop crying and asked if I could come over.

I told him, of course. My mom did not like the idea probably because she knew the way I felt about him. But I went over anyways and I was so nervous to walk in to his house because I didn’t want to see his parents and thought they hated me. But I stayed there and it was nice to spend time with all of us. I felt like things started going back to normal for Zach and I.
So Zach and I almost continued our relationship where it left off, just things were better between us. Or so we thought. I was as happy as could be but Zach still didn’t have everything figured out. He still needed time to sort things out. He and I broke up again a few months later, which was out of the blue for me. I wasn’t expecting it. I thought Zach and I were doing great besides a couple of arguments. But he just was not over everything yet. This is one thing I regret. I wish we wouldn’t have just jumped back in to a relationship. I wish we would have taken our time to make sure we were ready for a relationship again. I think I just wanted to be with him so badly that I ignored any red flags.